In March of 2016, TWS was asked to realise WLAN connections for an American shipping company. The goal of this WLAN connection is to create broadband internet connections for the ships once they arrive in a city. Once the ships dock in Linz (Austria) and Bratislava (Slovakia), their passengers expect to have access to the internet.

At sea, it is possible to meet the increasing demand for bandwidth by combining several 4G connections. However, in the cities, where mobile networks have to be shared with the rest of the population, this becomes impossible during peak hours.

The guests can now make use of data when they return to the ship, even during peak hours. This allows them to send and share all pictures and videos of the city trip they just experienced.

WLAN connection for American shipping company

Follow-up project

After the success of the project in Linz and Bratislava, where the WLAN connections were installed to the client’s complete satisfaction, TWS was commissioned to create similar solutions in ten more cities in Germany and one in Austria. The installation process in the first of these cities has already been completed.

When the ship docks in Vienna (Austria), the internet connection seamlessly switches from the 4G network to the WLAN connection. This WLAN connection is powered by a broadband internet connection from a local Internet Service Provider.

The installation was completed in sunny conditions on the banks of the Donau in the heart of Vienna. Using a hydraulic lift platform, antennas were installed in towers that were placed near the quayside.

TWS has reached agreements with local authorities regarding the use of these towers for this specific purpose. When the final connection was made in the central area and the entire installation came online, a connection with a cruise ship docked nearby was automatically established. All in all, a fine achievement from TWS’s technicians.